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We are the difference in events

A wish, an event, becomes a memorable experience because we believe it’s always about people. 

     We build events that people come to not only because of the quality product and service we offer, for us it’s automatic to provide the best; however, we built a place that people want to come and enjoy for themselves; they feel great being a part of the event. We believe it’s our responsibility to help others enjoy the finer things in life, to stimulate the mind and senses to crave the experience…because in life, the experience is truly everything. 

Experience: " The Happy Hour" Wine Tasting

Experience: "The Happy Hour" Wine Tasting


In building a unique experience for your event, we assist in creating a theme that brings everything together. 

Experience: " Tea with The Queen"

Experience: "Tea with The Queen"

Displays and Rentals

Displays available to strengthen your theme or build a custom-made look for your special event. We can also provide rentals that might be needed for your event.

Experience:  S'more Bar

Experience: S'more Bar

event additions

We offer add-ons to make your event unique by giving interactive or special additions for guests to enjoy.

     The decisions we make in regards to designing the event, selecting products, development of exceptional service , and creating an energetic “have to be there” feel, simply proves what we believe.  The ultimate memorable experience isn’t reserved just for the elite diner, or experienced palette when it comes to food and drink but it is truly for all to enjoy and we share our expertise so others can experience, explore, and indulge.

Event Rentals

We provide high quality and unique event rentals from food station displays and equipment to all the event details needed to inspire your vision and create a memorable experience for your guests.

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Creativity is distinctive and we are extraordinary

A creative events company building unique concepts that individualize and delivers exceptional service leading to a memorable experience. Services include consulting, event planning, design, logistics, venue scout, entertainment, weddings, corporate events, private events/parties, marketing, catering, and event building through partnerships. 

about the owner

     Vicki believes the we should never just provide service and deliver a product but that we are an essential and moving part of the experience.  Life is what we experience and to be a crucial part of this for others is the greatest compliment.

     Improving the experience of an event is always first and foremost on her mind and building events that capture the moment for others is her ultimate goal. With over thirty years in the restaurant and hospitality industry; many years focusing on management and executive roles, Vicki implements a high standard of excellence in the creation in building the experience for guests by developing events that differentiate from the norm. Creating, planning, and executing a wide variety events from large scale corporate events to fundraising, festivals, and intimate events.  

     Never being satisfied with just building a menu or booking a venue but by building the stage to an experience and finding ways to always add an unexpected “touch” to every event.  

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about the team

     A crucial element to success in all events is in the execution. Having the staff to follow through with the vision of each event is essential.

    We not only hire staff,  we assemble a team built on respect, professionalism, knowledge, and the joy of serving to capture the experience for our guests. 

    The impact of what is created isn’t what is put on paper but through the culture and spirit of what we do and who we are comes from our team.  We are passionate!


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With our partners you can trust us to provide the best in product and experience.  

Our partnerships are built on trust and passion for success.  We listen and are able to understand what our guests want and how we can make that happen; leaving our guests satisfied every time.